Pay Dues

Scouts new for 2019: If you submitted a registration form without Dues, use the form below to pay online. Please note, until dues are paid, we can’t turn your Scout’s form in and make them official! Be sure to fill in your Scout’s name so we can release your Scout’s form.

Dues for NEW 2019 Scouts: $20

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Your Questions Answered

Confused about 2019 vs 2020? We get it! Let’s try and explain:

BSA (our parent organization) runs on a calendar year, even though Pack 491 runs on a school year. Returning Scouts are covered for all of 2019 from the dues they paid at the end of last year, but students who are brand new to scouting this September need to pay dues for September - December 2019 ($20).

Closer to the end of the year, we’ll be collecting 2020 dues ($60) from everyone (including Scouts who were new in September). After that, you’re covered for all of 2020.

Why can’t new Scouts just pay 2019 and 2020 ($80) all at once?

You could, but we generally don’t accept 2020 dues until after Popcorn Sales are complete. Why? Because your Scout can have their dues waived for 2020 by participating! Once popcorn sales are tabulated, Scouts who still owe dues can submit in person or online (the button above will be updated).

How does the Popcorn Sales waiver work? Your Scout has 3 days to get a earn for 2020 sales:

  1. Participate in TWO 2-hr popcorn sales sessions

  2. Participate in ONE 2-hr popcorn sale session and sell $90 in personal sales

  3. Sell $180 in personal sales.